Dentistry For Teens

Teens Have Unique Dental Health Needs

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The Teens: A Foundation of Lifelong Dental Health

There are specific challenges to dental health during the teen years. The dental habits you taught your children when they were younger can either sink in fully or start to fade away during these years, so even if you feel like you’re nagging them, it’s important to keep reminding them to brush twice a day and floss daily, along with limiting their sugar intake to mealtimes and helping them consume less sugar overall. Sugary drinks (including soda and energy drinks) are the top cause of teen tooth decay!

Teens are always listening, and your reminders will sink in! Don’t underestimate the long-term value of your encouragement. It could make the difference between a life of cavities and gum inflammation and one with a healthy smile that lasts decades.

Building Habits of Preventative Dental Care

Soon your teenager will be out in the world and responsible for their own dental care, so aside from helping them lock down their good oral hygiene habits, it’s also important to teach them how important it is to regularly see the dentist. Preventative visits every six months give us a chance to coach them and reinforce your efforts, as well as establish a rapport so that they will trust the dentist as an adult.

Oral Health

One concern for oral health that comes up in the teen years is the effect of vaping and tobacco use on the teeth and gums. Tobacco in any form can lead to a wide range of problems from dry mouth to oral cancer, and it leaves the teeth vulnerable to decay and the gums vulnerable to gum disease. Parents should make sure their teens know about the possible effects these substances could have on their smiles, among other health problems they could lead to.

We Can Help

If you have teenagers and are looking for a great dentist, whether for simple checkups or because they have a dental problem that hasn’t been treated yet, we are just the dentist you’ve been searching for. The whole team at Richmond Dental Care is excited to meet you! Give us a call at 832-595-2285 or email us to set up your teen’s first appointment.

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