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Dental Care Is Different For Pediatric Patients

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Preventing Childhood Cavities

Dental caries (also known as tooth decay or cavities) is the most common childhood disease, affecting nearly half of all children between the ages of 2 and 11. Over one third of children between ages 9 and 11 develop cavities in their permanent teeth. The largest contributing factor in childhood tooth decay is sugar. When residue from the sugar found in breast milk, formula, juice and other foods and drinks is not cleaned away, it can cause cavities.

When Should Dental Care Begin?

Dental care should occur as soon as the first tooth is visible. To prevent childhood cavities, children should have regular dental checkups as well as daily oral care at home. Dental checkups should begin no later than a child’s first birthday, continuing every six months. Richmond Dental Care is a family dental practice, meaning you and your children can have appointments simultaneously.

Important Steps For Children’s Dental Care

There are a lot of things a parent can do to protect their children’s teeth and gums between regular dental visits.

  • Even the youngest patients can get cavities from milk or formula residue. To prevent future dental issues, always rinse their teeth with water or wipe them with a damp cloth after feeding, especially before they fall asleep.
  • Start brushing as soon as the first tooth is visible, even if it’s barely poking through the gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and water, or ask us about what kind of toothpaste is best for your child.
  • Help your child brush as they get older and keep in mind that small children don’t have the dexterity to properly brush their own teeth until they’re able to tie their shoes.
  • Avoid giving your child bottles or sippy cups of milk or sugary drinks before bedtime. Water is fine.
  • If you do offer your child sugary drinks like milk, soda, or juice, have them use a straw to minimize contact with their teeth. Also, limit these drinks to mealtimes instead of letting them sip on them throughout the day.
  • Limit overall sugar consumption.

We Can Help

If you’re looking to find a great dentist for your child’s dental care and to help instill excellent lifelong dental habits, we are just the dentist you’ve been looking for! The whole team at Richmond Dental Care is excited to meet you and your child! Give us a call at 832-595-2285 or email us to set up your first appointment.

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